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At Symantec Corporation I was initially part of the Customer Research team for the Remote Productivity Solutions business unit. The team, based throughout North America, was responsible for primary and secondary customer research, usability testing, marketing, and for the business unit’s online presence. In addition I was part of a world wide group of designers and developers responsible for steering the development of the global Web site and numerous regional sites. Later I joined the e-Business unit, owner of all Web-based communications, and was responsible for specification of interface and interaction designs for the global and regional sites.

Product Pages

This was a project I initiated to define a common set of information that balanced what product teams wanted customers to see and what customers needed. After those requirements were defined, I designed this template around them. My other goals were to simplify site structure, unify look and feel and to improve branding and messaging on the product sites.

Symatec Product Pages


Global Homepage

This was an on going project to redesign the Symantec’s homepage. We used an iterative process, weighing statistics against user feedback and testing. This design is an attempt to flatten the site’s structure to make high traffic areas of the site (such as virus definition updates) more accessible to users. Interestingly, the information design of this page was retained after the global Web site was redesigned.

Symantec Global Homepage


Product Demos

In response to a number of internal requests for interactive product demos, I developed this template and a set of guidelines for the development of Flash based product demos. My idea was to create a consistent framework to simplify the different developers’ job and to create a unified look and feel. Also, the development time for demos dropped significantly with this template.

Symatec Product Demos


Product Add-in

This project was developed as a component of Mobile Essentials, a Symantec corporate product. I designed and developed a fully functional travel ‘intranet’ in conjunction with the product development team which companies who purchase a site license could role out to mobile users’ computers. The needs and requirements for this project were extensive, including easy customization by end user, simple localization, extensive instructions and comments in the page code, and a flexible structure. I was also involved in writing the related section of the products user manual, describing how to use and customize the content.

Symatec Product Add-ins