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Infinet Communications was an early web services firm which specialized in the development and maintenance of Medical related content. The types of projects with which I was involved include web portals, marketing Web sites, intranets, and e-learning applications.



Since Infinet had close ties to MediaLinx Interactive (now Bell Interactive), I’ve worked on quite a number projects for their Sympatico portal. One of the first, in 1996, was to work with a translator to create and maintain parallel French versions of HealthyWay and HealthLinks sites, Carrefour Santé. I was later involved in a redesign of HealthyWay, involved in the process of converting HealthLinks to a dynamically generated site and in the redesign of a number of other sections of Sympatico. These sites have since been redesigned.

Sympatico HealthyWay


Eli Lilly Canada

The Eli Lilly Canada Web site was developed as a frame work to allow the separate business units to develop their own content for the Web. Each of the sections that were later developed were produced as separate projects, using different branding elements. Because of Canadian law, content could not be seen to promote or market a specific drug or treatment to consumers and thus had to appear to be of general interest.

Eli Lilly Cananda



The Chatelaine project is a redesign of a popular women’s Web site that had already been on-line for a couple of years. The original site had very poor architecture and navigation schemes – in part due to having used the print magazine’s editorial structure as the site’s structure. There were numerous client meetings before this idea was finally accepted. Site has since been redesigned.



Glaxo Wellcome

This is the first of a series of online tutorials developed for Glaxo-Wellcome which were geared toward educating doctors and drug representatives about the Internet. These tutorials were also ‘canned’ on diskette and CD for distribution. I’m including this project because it’s exemplary of a lot of projects I’ve produced with a short turnaround time and high re-usability.



AT&T Seniors Golf

This site was created to be online for the month prior to the event and for use as a kiosk at the event. The client specified the several unusual aspects of this site, including the oversized dimensions and non-scrolling windows.