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Neighbour Knowledge

As the Senior User Experience Designer I was primary involved in the definition, design and development of Neighbour Knowledge. frogware is a Toronto-based custom software development company, and Neighbour Knowledge is their first web-based offering.

Interface Design

Primary Efforts

Requirements Gathering, Task Analysis, Interface Design, Interaction Design, Prototype Development and Testing, Template Implementation


Neighbour Knowledge is a social directory that allows users to contribute businesses, stories, events – anything that exist with in a physical area. Users can rate and discuss anything that’s been contributed. In addition users can associate business, events and stories to each other, creating relationships based on their intimate knowledge of their area.

Neighbour Knowledge evolved out of a conceptual project called Attune. The idea behind Attune was to collect as much data as possible about an area (neighbourhood), from as many sources as were available, and to aggregete the data into complex community profiles. Users could indicate preferences over time – either through their actions or via a control panel. The user’s preferences would then be used to determine what things Attune “suggest” – be that areas, or things within those areas. Eventually the idea evolved to where the core data within Attune – now Neighbour Knowledge was primarily user contributed.


Task flows and Wireframes

Specifications and Templates

Visual Identity
NOTE: At this time Neighbour Knowledge is an incomplete project, and what is currently available at should be considered in-development. I mention this because while the interface may appear to be “whole”, interaction and functionality are in a primitive state, and do not yet reflect what is outlined in wireframes, task flows and other specifications.