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RewardsDNA is an incentives platform which allows companies to configure and run a variety of different types of loyalty and incentive programs for their customers or employees over the web. The basic concept behind any program can be boiled down to “Do Something, Get Something.” RewardsDNA acts as the central point for program sponsor to tracking the “Do Something” and for participants to exchange their points in order to “Get Something”
Participant Homepage

Participant Homepage – Each participant has their own personalized homepage where they can track their points balance, input data to earn more points or spend their points.

Primary Efforts

Requirements Gathering, Task Analysis, Interface Design, Interaction Design, Prototype Development, Usability Testing, Implementation Specifications, Bug and Enhancement Request Tracking


The frame-work of the interface for RewardsDNA had already been established when I joined CompanyDNA. This meant that page layout, high-level information and navigation design for the platform had already been implemented to some degree. Any additional development needed to be consistent in interaction and style. The established participant metaphor was that of an e-commerce site, which was centered around the participant redeeming their reward points and included a personal account tool, a catalogue, and a dream or wish list for storing favorite items. The administrative metaphor was similar to that of PIM (personal information manager), and centered on reminding or prompting the administrator of outstanding tasks that needed their attention, and a suite of tools for managing programs, users and budgets.



Customization – Standard interface elements, such as the page headers (above), font usage
and colours, are customizable to match corporate branding and messaging.

Administrator Tools
Administrator Tools – Tools were created to automated tedious processes such as creating user accounts, approving points issuance and inputting transactional data (above).
My primary responsibilities lay in designing new functionality for both the participant and administrative sides of the platform. Some of the new functionality I designed included a full featured shopping cart component, catalog search functionality, member and transaction file upload tools, group management tools, and a multi-level interface customization system. I also designed a number of ‘site exits’, which were custom data collection and reporting tools developed to satisfy the needs of a specific customer engagements. In addition I was responsible for inspecting and improving the existing customer facing processes to ensure good usability and consistent user experience.

CompanyDNA’s development team worked within a multi-stream development cycle, which meant that at any given time there were several projects in the requirements and specification stage, several in development stage and several more in the testing stage. I was integrally involved with each project throughout these stages which included my: helping to define functional requirements; designing, testing and developing implementation specifications; working with development to communicate specifications and refine the solutions; working with QA and development to prioritize and resolve issues and bugs as they arose.