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BizPursuits began as a hybrid program developed in order to allow teams of participants to play a series of games against one another throughout the length of a program. It became immediately clear that the client’s functionality requirements would mean building an entirely separate platform.

Participant Homepage

Player Homepage – The central point of collaboration and communication between team members providing up-to-minute information of a player’s personal progress as well as their team’s performance.
Navigation Map Example

Interaction Map Example

Style Guide Example

Detailed Specifications – To ensure that interface and interaction designs were accurately implemented, I developed detailed navigation, design and task flow specifications. Page layout, navigation, page elements, and interaction behaviors were clearly outlined, making implementation quicker and easier.

Primary Efforts

Requirements Gathering, Task Analysis, Interface Design, Interaction Design, Prototype Development and Testing, Implementation Specifications

The Challenge

The challenge in the developing BizPursuits
was to create a versatile team based incentives platform. The initial requirements were based on customer defined goals, which formed the backbone of the new platform. An overriding consideration throughout development was to keep the platform interface and structure flexible enough to be easily adapted for almost any situation.

With the commencement of this project our development team began using a relatively new methodology – Extreme Programming or XP. XP is an agile methodology with one week development cycles which utilises brief user stories as the primary means of communicating functionality and requirements to developers. Since XP has not generally been used to develop applications which are primarily customer facing, I needed to develop a standard means of specifying interface and interaction requirements to developers to ensured the integrity of end product.

The Process

The process of creating the product definition began by gathering the customer’s high level requirements for the platform – including desired behaviour by end users and benefits to the customer. I collaborated in the design of a product flow which outlined key inputs and outputs of the platform. I conduct research of existing game platforms to establish front-end functionality, themes, and other factors for successful end-user adoption.

I wrote a series of scenarios and user profiles toward developing the functional requirements for the platform. The scenarios became the basis for the user stories, which in XP are used by developers in the place of a functional specification. The scenarios also became the basis for a product prototype, which I designed and then tested with a large number target users. The usability testing helped establish that users perceived the platform’s value, found the interface intuitive use and attractive.

Since a wireframe based system of specification was no longer practical I used a number of other means to communicate interface, interaction and workflow requirements to developers in addition to the user stories. These included extensive interaction diagrams, detailed navigation maps and a class-based application style guide. I gathered these documents together into a project intranet which was used to communicate documentation changes and updates to the development team. In this way I ensured that the platform looked and responded consistently, was simple to use and was easy to learn.

I’m named as a co-applicant on the patent application for BizPursuits.