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Skill Management Environment

Part of a Skill Assessments platform, the Skill Management Environment is a web-based application developed to enable organizations to assess employee skill strengths
and weaknesses, and manage related recommended training.
Participant Homepage
Participant Management
Administrator Tools
Custom Reporting
Nav Map
Planning – examples of some of the numerous process diagrams created in clarifying the original project specification.

Primary Efforts

Task Analysis, Interface Design, Interaction Design, Prototype Development, Template Implementation


The SME allows managers to create user accounts and assign tests to those users, who they now manage. Users receive an email notifying them whenever they’ve been assigned a test or tests, and are directed to login to their account on the private MyCareer portal. Users can also be given the option of completing any tests they would like, or only those assigned to them. Managers can track completion status of tests and other user activity, for an individual or for one or more groups.

The complete Skill Assessment platform includes components which manage test development, delivery, grouping and packaging, in addition to the Skill Management Environment and the MyCareer components included here.

Like many other tools CE created the SME is eventually wrapped with a site identity, and with a number of optional site specific features, can be fully integrate into a company intranet or website.