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Learning Management Environment

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Main – Processes were grouped into narrow and broad paths – to simplify common procedures and enforce business rules.

LME workflow
Gnome – An example of a discrete process that could exist separately or as part on multiple different processes.

Primary Efforts

Task Analysis, Interface Design and Design, Implementation Specifications and Tools.


I became involved in this project after it had already been in technical development for several months. No previous task analysis or interface planning had been completed. I was asked regularize work flow for the different system functions and processes, plan the interface and interaction and provide developers with a component development tool-kit.

Each process was identified, then broken down into common parts. Then each process was re-planned, using only the component parts (referred to by development as gnomes) to create wizard-like workflows. This was intended to help users complete common tasks – such as registering a student into courses over the phone – in a regular manner.